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About Hello Football

As price discovery and index generation specialists, Hello Football collects information through the broad processing of big data indexing and web crawling. With the help of computational linguistics and in-house algorithms, we are able to process and understand any set of data including natural language resources found online. We at Hello Football strongly believe that the football industry as a whole is ripe for a revolution. As price discovery specialists, we are introducing a new way of perfecting the real-time valuation of football players.

The Index

The Hello Football Index uses big data to create a real-time price valuation feed based on every tidbit of information about a player, including football (e.g. player performance), finance (e.g. transfers and contract conditions), and fame (e.g. latest news and social media ranking).
Hello Football will benefit football clubs, scouts, agents, investment funds, pundits & press: virtually every single player in the football industry.